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off to camp cheerful tomorrow. 100% nervous. my friend alex is a counselor too so that should help with any jitters i have. this is an experience and i am opening myself up to it.

bubblegum and curls.


Got the job as a Counselor c:

I go to camp on Tuesday. I’m nervous because I haven’t worked with children with disabilities extensively, but any experience that involves empathy and care is rewarding. I’m also nervous because I haven’t been away from Joel for more than 3 days since February. 

But anyway, there’s horseback riding, canoeing, fishing, rock climbing, hiking, arts & crafts, and swimming. It is insanely underpaid, but I’m still thrilled.


oh and i met jackie earle haley at a bar in yuppie town tremont.


my dad moved to florida 3 years ago and he finally came up for a visit this summer, and my sister flew up from arizona at the same time and it was the most happy i’ve felt since uhh idk

i even put aside my resentment for everyone since i’ve had to live on other people’s couches and in a house without electricity or plumbing and how i’ve had to leach off of people to eat because i realized that nothing they do will change that and even if they do realize how their neglect has affected me, it will change nothing. i was so happy to be with them.

oh and i had hot sauce that was hotter than that atomic wing shit at quaker steak and cried for only 5 minutes

really though i miss my father so much and with the whole only visiting him every other weekend up until i was 13 and then him working all the time i will always feel like i never got to spend the “rightful” amount of time with him that i deserve. i love him and he is my favorite person on the planet and always will be.

oh yeah and i guess my sister’s pretty okay too.